RAF Welford (replica Horsa)

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RAF Welford (replica Horsa) Empty RAF Welford (replica Horsa)

Post  Shaun on Fri Jan 11, 2013 11:46 pm

Hi all,

My old fire station had a museum on the site which was open only on a Wednesday. Inside it housed a number of weird and wonderful items PIAT Prototype, Observer Corps plotting post and a Replica Horsa glider from the Film "A Bridge Too far". Slight difference with this Horsa is that it is Short and fat (Or the other way around) so that when it was filmed in Wide screen it would look right!

From memory the body of the glider has been converted into part of the museum and the wings are not attached to the body, still an interesting visit no the less. Will take some photos when i get there in the near future.


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