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Post  Dickie on Thu Jul 28, 2011 6:37 am

As a lot of you know, I'm being the Best Man for my twin Brother's forthcoming wedding in September, I had to carry out the first of my duties last weekend, in the form of a Stag Night.
After lots of emailing people, I got 15 of my brother's friends to meet up in London, with one prime goal - to get really hammered!
This started well by meeting at Gordon's Wine Bar - which is a bit of a London institution, they only sell wine, so we all got a good alcholic starter.
After lots of plonk we headed off for a Tex Mex meal, which was rather shite, food was bloody expensive, and portions were small.We left there as soon as we could and headed off on a pub crawl of "Sam Smiths Pubs", after various pints / pubs one of my brothers mate came up to me looking bloody green, and said "I don't feel very well" then passed out, and in the process head butted one of the light fittings. Luckly there were a number of Doctors on this Pub crawl who came to his aid, he ended up with a big bloody gash across his temple, so he had to "go home".
After various other pubs, and a Whiskey Bar if I remember correctly, it was getting on for pub closing time, spurred on, and looking for more excitement, we flagged down a fleet of rickshaws, to take us to a rather nice "Gentlemans Club" called Spearmint Rhino. We spent to rest of the night / and our money in there.
Got back to the Hotel at about 04:30, after a good night on the town.

Perhaps a 16PFA unit night out at some point?



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Dickie's Best Man stuff Empty Re: Dickie's Best Man stuff

Post  Andy Wood on Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:01 am

From the sound of it you're no longer the 'man of straw' then lol
Andy Wood
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